Property crimes are taking a toll on California businesses. Lawmakers need to step up

For more than 17 years, I have been a dedicated member of the Camping World family, witnessing firsthand its growth and transformation. When I started, property security was a minor concern. But as times changed, broken windows, vandalized property and stolen vehicles have become part of our reality.

The alarming increase in commercial property crime made protecting our business and employees a critical and urgent necessity. As a manager, the weight of checking the lot every day has intensified. There have been moments of fear when opening an RV, not knowing what awaited inside.

Crime is not going away because criminals are not going away. The annual Crime in California report, quietly released by California General Attorney Rob Bonta in June, revealed the harsh reality of increasing crime in the state. While the homicide rate declined, violent crime increased last year, as did robberies (by 10%) and property crimes (by 6%).

Yet, it seems that this issue is not receiving the attention it deserves from our policymakers.

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